About Me

Hi!  Hola!  Aloha!

I was always interested in technology and computers.  I taught myself Basic (my friend and I made choose-your-own adventure stories…by my current standards, they weren’t that good) and how to write programs for my TI-82 to make physics easier.  My ability in math was set aside for my love of literature and I went to school to become an English teacher.  That resulted in my being an English teacher for 6 years, during which time I began working technology into my lessons.  I saw where I was headed and decided that I should focus more on technology and earned my Masters in Technology in Education.

What surprised me was how little technology was actually being used.  What was being used, was being used poorly.  Even in my coursework, one professor considered using an overhead projector as a good example of incorporating technology (LCD Projectors were common by this time).  One of the courses spent a significant time teaching Microsoft Office.  I was offended that, here I was, someone attempting to earn an advanced degree in technology, looking to learn what was on the cutting edge, and I was being taught Microsoft Office.

Cut to today, and I’m still spending time with Microsoft Office (or Google Docs), trying to get teachers past simple word processing and using some of the more advanced tools.  And I’m happy to say that, at my last school, I was part of the process of switching every teacher over to LCD projectors (most were happy to be rid of their overhead projector).

I would say that my biggest difficulty hasn’t been with techno-phobic teachers (as I thought it would be), but technology that didn’t consistently work correctly.  It’s hard to sell teachers on a product that is the equivalent of a poorly kept used-car.  Unfortunately, it’s all that schools can sometimes afford, so I keep looking for ways to make it work.


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