Edmodo Makes Their Quizzes Better

If you know me, you know that I can’t say enough good things about Edmodo.  They had a great product and they’re constantly making it better. It’s secure, educationally appropriate, easy, and FREE (and I hope they keep it that way).

They just made some much-needed, great changes in the quiz-taking department:

  1. Print option – Print a copy of the quiz you created by selecting the printer icon located below the “Assign Quiz” button. The print option is also available on your quiz overview page.
  2. Track total points – After you weight each question, the total number of points for all questions will be tracked on the right column of the page.
  3. Randomize questions – Check the “show questions in random order” option on the right column to randomize questions for each student taking the quiz.
  4. Re-order questions – As you create your quiz, drag and drop the question numbers from the left column to reorder them.
  5. Lock quiz – From the quiz overview page, check the “lock quiz” box from the settings drop down to prevent students from being able to take the quiz. This can be be used to prevent students from taking the quiz during specific hours or after a certain date.

Now, I realize that printing defeats the purpose of going digital, but in certain situations, it’s needed.  What I really like is that they’ve made it possible to weight questions (something that should teachers have done for decades, so I don’t know why it took so long…just happy to have it now).  Also, re-ordering questions is a big one too.  I’ve actually had to delete questions in order to retype them in the order that I wanted them.

So, as I said, they were much-needed changes.  Part of me questions why they weren’t done in the first place, but, mostly, I realize that Edmodo, like most new things, is about the learning process.  Just as our students are learning things one step at a time, so is Edmodo.  I’m glad that they’re learning and are frequently making changes.



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