More Mindset Than Skill Set

More Mindset Than Skill Set

 states what so many “computer people” people hold true.  ”Playing around and actually finding enjoyment and satisfaction in problem solving is something that many “techies” have.”  It’s not about intuitively knowing how to fix things, it’s about looking for patterns and WANTING to know how to do it.  People don’t just run a marathon or speak a foreign language.  It’s got to be something that you’re willing to dedicate some of your day towards (more of your day if you want to be great at it).  It’s about not giving up at the first sign of trouble.  If something goes wrong, sure you can take a break, but go back and try again.  Also, everyone needs a coach or a support person once in a while, so I’m not saying to not ask questions.  I just truly believe that anyone can learn how to problem solve their own technology problems, but, unfortunately, only a few are willing to put forth the effort.


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